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Welcome to CSU's Pre-Veterinary Club

Here you will find useful information concerning the Pre-Vet Club, it's officers, activities, meetings and a host of other features.

The Pre-Vet Club is here to serve you!

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 You can get in contact with the club by emailing:

Our office is located in the TILT building on the Oval, Room B22 in the basement (the TILT building is the old Music building).




"A Posse Ad Esse"
From Possibility to Actuality

Mission Statement:

Through the collective efforts of officers and members we will continually strive to provide support and knowledge which will assist in our outstanding goals to practice veterinary medicine. We will accomplish this by providing exposure to various aspects of veterinary medicine, including hands-on experience and community service opportunities.

Ultimately, we aim to create an environment of support and friendship.


We of the Pre-Vet club hope to facilitate your road toward your career goal. So, explore this site and enjoy the company of your fellow pre-vet students at our club meetings.